Latex Female Slave

Latex female slave being fucked hard by the mistress in pantyhose is one of the best fetish sex scenes that I’ve seen recently. I am talking about lezdom strapon sex that you are about to see below. Hot, submissive and sexy, Rossy Bush looks amazing covered from neck to ankle in a tight black latex catsuit. It is the perfect outfit for a submissive girl who crawls on the floor to reach her mistress, Mia Reese. Mistress Mia is a bit of a nerd, with thick glasses, but it all accents her sexy outfit, consisting of beautiful pantyhose, a jacket with nothing under it and sexy high heels. Rossy worships Mia Reese’s feet and then Mia rewards her willing submissive by whipping out her strapless dildo. She pounds Rossy good and hard from behind through a convenient slit in Rossy’s catsuit. As mentioned above, I really love the way how this video is recorded. It is covering multiple fetishes in the very special glamorous way. Latex fetish, pantyhose fetish, high heels and of course strapon lesbian domination. All at once. 

Anyway, while you are looking to this preview and enjoying strict strapon goddess fucking Rossy Bush, don’t miss some greater lesbian domination updates that are similar to this one. Check out latex bondage photos of Mistress Isabella torturing slave Ashley. In this gallery, you won’t find any kind of strapon domination but if you are looking for that, you can’t get wrong if you watch any of Mistress Athena Fatale’s updates. I think that this lezdom strapon maids sex is the pretty good one.

Latex female slave fetish sex: 

Latex Female Slave
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  1. Christina says:

    Can’t remember when I saw something so powerful like this. thank you.

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