Lady Luciana

Lady Luciana in her shiny catsuit looks astounding while the slave is feeling really weak and slutty. Lady Luciana simply won’t give break to his virgin ass since he is so good ass slut. Her violent nature comes handy in making a guy suffer from the behind. 

In short, that is how I would describe this strapon domination femdom session by the handsome strapon dominatrix, Lady Luciana. Did you have a chance to meet this goddess before? Here at Femdom Destiny, we didn’t have many of her photo or video updates, at least until this moment. From what I see, it is about to change and this is the first one in the series of her femdom adventures. Anyway, as usually when the new Mistress is featured here, I’ve tried to find some more info about her. There is not much about her currently online but there are few important things. 

Lady Luciana is genuine German femdom fetish Mistress. It seems she is coming from Düsseldorf femdom scene and that her area of expertise is not only strap-ons but other female domination methods too. Still, from what we can see, strapon sex is her favorite thing to do to her slaves and this update is no different. I’ve managed to find her personal website available here (in the German language) and from what we can see, there is a phone number and option to contact her directly and book a session. If you are from that area and you are brave enough, we would like to hear from you how that goes. You can leave the comment at the bottom of this page.  Before you proceed with watching her strapon photos, I would like to remind you about on of her fetish domination galleries. I am talking about great sniffing fart fetish humiliation.

Lady Luciana strapon photos:

Lady Luciana
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