Humiliatrix is the term that you are apparently seeing very often. Some of you guys are probably still wondering what is that and this great text with free female domination humiliation photos will give you precise answer.

A real humiliatrix must be skilled in either erotic or sexual humiliation and femdom teasing, or in real life femdom humiliation. She differs from a traditional femdom dominatrix in that a dominatrix inflicts serious physical pain on the sexual partner while a humiliatrix inflicts psychological suffering. A humiliatrix might blackmail their companion, inflict anxiety, and mental distress. She may also use physical humiliation techniques like spitting, face slapping, or spanking but they are usually not going further. The role of the humiliatrix is to control slave through his perception of reality that she is creating. Sometimes, you will find foot worship and feet licking as the part of humiliation session.

Generally, a successful one doesn’t just seize upon the first thing she can find and make fun of the submissive about it. A really fulfilling humiliation session requires a serious and a good bit of planning. The more observant the Humiliatrix is, the more effective she will be in male humiliation and brain fucking.

Usually, when we are talking this type of a dominant woman, their age is the pretty important factor. Most of them are very young dommes. Sometimes, you will find teen femdom Mistresses but that doesn’t exclude older ones that we all love to call MILF. In this free photo gallery, we picked perfect examples. Photos are taken from the Sado Girls website where you can find tons of high-quality femdom humiliation videos and photos with mostly young femdom girls ruining their personal slaves.

Humiliatrix photos:

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