High Heels Trampling

high heels trampling

High Heels Trampling

High heels trampling is the very powerful method to keep your slave obedient and in good shape. Best of all is that you only need a pair of high heel shoes and wish to hurt you guy. Unfortunate for this naked slave you will see in high heels trampling gallery below, wasn’t so lucky to be tortured at home. Gorgeous and experienced dominatrix,Mistress Lady Renee is going to do this in her private femdom dungeon. What does that mean? Well, if she is not satisfied with her slave performance, she can easy subject him to another torture methods since she has many extreme tools at her disposal. because for this, the slave will do everything she demands from him.

And you are about to see how simple trampling can be humiliating and powerful if it is performed properly.Mistress Lady Renee picked up her special and favorite shoes she is always using when there is a need for trampling torture. This redhead dominatrix also has few more useful tricks. She knows very well how important is to keep sexual tension and keep slave aroused. Because of that, she is wearing  very tight black leather corset. She knows that this guy has the strong fetish for leather. On the top of that, Rene decided to put sexy black fishnets too. With this dressing combination, there is no sub that could resist her.

I hope you are going to enjoy this femdom trampling photo gallery, just as Mistress did while she was standing all over slave’s body. Her favorite part of every trampling session is the moment when slave must be on his knees and let her stand on him with her full weight. Please share your opinion by voting below these humiliating photos.

High heels trampling photo gallery:


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