Helpless Milking

Helpless milking is the rare fetish that some of you guys love so much. I’ve spent some time to find something good and share it with you. After looking for some unique cock milking photos or videos, I am publishing one of my top rated galleries for this month. As you are already seeing, in the main role of headmistress is experienced mature dominatrix, Misstress Sidonia. 

I would say that with this session, being a helpless slave has a totally new meaning. Clearly, the dominatrix understands her torture duties very seriously which results in having a serious hardware intended for femdom milking tasks. I am sure that after looking at these fetish photos, most of you will figure out that this is now their favorite method of female domination. I mean, just look at that device where slave’s dick is plugged. It looks like there are plenty of options to be discovered. Once you are helpless like this guy hanged, they are all yours. The only thing that deserves to object is that slave is tortured in shade. This method would be more stressful and tough for him if he is left in the sun. Still, maybe that is to keep a milking machine working properly.

Whatever it is, I think that photos are simply amazing. Cruel and experienced Domme, MILF Mistress Sidonia again has her stone cold look of the face that is showing no emotions. I know that this is something that frightens slaves because they never know is Mistress satisfied. And when she is not, something even worse can happen next.  For now, it seems that she just enjoys watching helpless slave being drained. I guess she simply enjoys the fruits of her efforts. This kind of torture devices setup is not a small thing to have. 

Helpless milking torture

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Helpless Milking
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