Forced Ass Smelling

Forced ass smelling might sound like a good idea and it is a common fantasy but have you ever seen or experienced it in a real life? I can bet you didn’t, otherwise, you would be more careful what you wish. I would say that this guy on forced fem dom photos below is about to learn that lesson in a harder way.

He is just one of many horny guys. You know, the type we can all see on the streets staring at well shaped female butts. Most of the guys doing this are trying to hide behind sunglasses or take some position but this one didn’t even try to do that. He seems so impressed with Jessica’s and Sara’s asses that you can see from a mile. Both Jessica and Sara have very desirable asses. Both girls also love to humiliate this slave who they know craves their ass. So the rules are simple, accept being bitch slapped to earn their ass.

Kinky and always looking for some fun, two girls decided to make him pay for being unpolite. Both Jessica and Sara have very desirable asses. They are perfectly aware of that and willing to use it without a hesitation. Basically, it didn’t take long to seduce this pathetic slave and bring him home. Just when he thought that this is going well for him, a surprise followed. The guy was totally confused when girls started slapping his face and mocking him while he is on his knees. He thought that girls liked him and that will let him touch their butts. Well, they will eventually, but after a brutal humiliation, slapping and brain fucking. A stupid fat guy will now have a chance to learn what is forced ass smelling and how really dominant girls want to be treated.

Forced ass smelling photos:

redhead mistress slapping slave
forced ass worship
femdom mocking
forced ass smelling

Forced Ass Smelling
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