Female Domination

Female domination is Ms. Steal second name. You are soon going to see why. As she was always saying, female domination is ultimate value for every proud and dominant woman today. If you are not into male humiliation, something is definitely wrong with you. In today’s femdom video we will have a chance to see how she is performing transformation of her sub.The goal is to make him suffer in this process and feel some real pain while he is helplessly waiting for her next move. Ms.Steal’s goal is simple and it is the transformation of her slave into a total whore. She flogs and flogs the bitch. “I want lots of marks on your body. Whores have marks on their body all the time, and you will be no exception” She laughs. The beating goes on and on. As the double floggers fall on the bitches flesh, to a slave it looks like this femdom torture will never end.

She says, “These strikes are just light kisses compared to what the guys will do to you when you’re out on the market.” The femdom whipping gets harder and harder and the humiliation gets deeper and deeper as Ms. Steal revels in the transformation of Her bitch. A tied slave can only beg for her mercy but we all know that won’t make any difference. Usually, when you find yourself in this or similar situation, the best thing to do is to let dominatrix finish what she started. Resistance is futile and can only extend agony longer. So remember this good while you are watching female domination video below. You never know when something like this can also happen to you and I sincerely believe that every sub should know how a real femdom torture session looks like. This way, men will be more obedient even without Mistress’s intervention.

Female domination video:

Female Domination
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