Face Spitting Humiliation

Face spitting humiliation just became even nastier. Moving the limits in femdom humiliation is always a good thing. Even if we are talking about “ordinary” thing like it is femdom spitting.  I would say that you are looking at the evolution in spit humiliation. 

Same as the regular extreme spit stuff where Domme is standing above the slave and spitting on his face, this spit humiliation has the same elements. Unfortunately for the slave, instead of one, there are two Goddesses. And that means only one. Double dosage of saliva that he will have to handle. But what really makes this scene different is how the spitting is done. As you know, when girls meet together, they usually get some new ideas and this time is no different. They decided to spit a milk on him instead of regular spitting. This way they will have a much bigger amount at their disposal. 

It seems they are having a great time. Hysterical laughing and loud spitting are filling the room. The slave can only watch them from the below. And there is much to see, especially the busty Mistress with big tits dressed in the fishnets. While milk is falling over his face and body, it is clear that he is trying to peek and stare at her curvy tattooed body. Girls noticed that of course and agreed that this is ruining the season. So they had to quickly pick a way to punish him more. Considering that he was already on the floor and lying helpless below them, the logical conclusion is to go with trampling. Especially because both of them are wearing high heels footwear that is perfect for the femdom trampling torture. While Mistresses trampling slave, they also are demanding to clear their shoes from the spilled milk. With his tongue of course. How else?

Face Spitting Humiliation

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Face Spitting Humiliation
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