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Sissy Humiliation Party

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Sissy Humiliation Party

Crossdresser pics from the late night party really looks great. Luckily, we have a chance to see them all here. Sure, this was not the ordinary girl part. We are talking about femdom humiliation party where sexy mistresses had fun with their sissy slaves in chastity and with plugs inside their asses. But let’s slow down. This party was definitely well planned. From the costumes up to a number of dominant girls there. The guy behind the camera is also the real professional. Crossdresser pics are simply amazing. He managed to show all that humiliation without much movement, just by properly picking right moment on the photos.

Here we have a golden 2:1 rule. If you want to dominate a slave easily and fast you need two mistresses. Even if this was not a hardcore femdom humiliation session, there were two dominant girls on one slave. Totally 4 dommes and 2 pathetic guys. Just enough to make this so interesting. I don’t know the names of gorgeous and kinky bitches on crossdresser pics here so if anyone of you people knows them, please leave the comment below. Anyway, all girls are really handsome and glamorous. They are not looking aggressive but that was not the purpose of this party. Idea and goal were to perpetuate humiliating moments and make them history. With such a great crossdressing pics, I must say they managed to do it pretty easily. But, there is one details that made me wonder were those two sissy slaves so cooperative from the beginning? Probably you are seeing the same.

On the most of the photos above where a tall sissy slave is standing, you can clearly see that his ass is completely red. Probably because of very hard spanking that he had to go through. Actually, now I am getting that these photos have much deeper meaning with this detail.


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