CFNM Milking

CFNM Milking
Femdom CFNM Milking in Office

CFNM milking you are looking at is actually just a part of the complete female domination and humiliation session that is taking place inside the office space. With a mature principal in charge, a handsome guy is about to get humiliation like he never knew that it is possible.

Sure, as most of the guys, he watched porn online and already saw men being naked in front of girls but in real life, it is completely different. Especially if a humiliation is done in front of 7 clothed females. Two of them are older and more experienced while rest of them are younger but willing to learn. This femdom lesson is a very valuable part of their education. So let’s see what is going on here.

As you are probably expecting, just as most of serious CFNM humiliation session, it will end in a guy being forced to cum in front of the girls. Moment of orgasm is naturally the moment where a person is most vulnerable and out of control. This guy is about to share this experience with all those women that he never met before. But what led up to this is not naive at all. Before he was ordered to cum on the special plate, this guy went through some pain and suffering. On the first photo above, you can clearly see that he was subjected to the fem dom paddling punishment by the most experienced of the female there. Slave had to bend over while she was hitting his ass hard until it is covered in red bruises. He is moaning in agony while trying to be as silent as possible because of other girls there. Of course, that is completely useless because mature femdom Mistress knows how to hit very hard. So, permission to cum will be granted only when every girl in that room learn how a man in pain looks like.

CFNM Milking

femdom paddling

ebony CFNM

CFNM Milking

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