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mistress trampling

Mistress in Jeans Trampling

Mistress trampling a slave is, more or less, a pretty standard procedure in the cruel and humiliating world of footdom. This time is no different except one thing and that is that I’ve never seen until now. I am talking about the anger and brutality used in this session.  Just...

Jodhpur Femdom Trampling

The foot slave is in need of some training at the boots of Miss Woods. Grovelling, kissing her boots, taking her ash and spit is all part of his induction. Being whipped, kicked and trampled is all part of the slave’s education and Miss Woods’ enjoyment. OK, LET ME SEE...

Trampling in Leggings

Blonde footdom mistress in boots and  tight leggings trampling naked male slave. Femdom slave is brutal trampled as soon as this sexy Russian femdom trampling mistress entered apartment. CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEMDOM TRAMPLING