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Foot domination is also called footdom. This term represents scenarios where humiliation is mostly done by mistresse’s legs or feet. It comes in various forms and shapes and there are so many different scenarios that you are about to see in the food domination section of Femdom Destiny. Between the fresh foot fetish updates, you can search and look for your favorite foot domination video or photo gallery. As you probably already know, there is some really kinky stuff to choose from. Bare feet licking, stockings feet worship, pedicured feet fetish, femdom trampling, foot worship, high heels fetish are just some of the things you are about to see. But don’t worry, updates here are also sorted by the Mistress name. This means you will find names like Mistress T, Sidonia Von Bork, Dominatrix Annabelle, young Mistress Tiffany and even various pornstar who simply love to get their feet licked and properly serviced.



Footsex photos gallery comes like the small refreshment after a series of brutal strapon domination updates. Sometimes it is necessary to make a pause even with the things that we all love so much and replace them with other great stuff. I mean, it is like the getting strapon deep...

BBW feet pics

BBW Feet Pics

BBW feet pics in such quality as these below are really rare to find. This is just one more reason to enjoy a gallery of chubby dominatrix and her personal foot slave. I love this kind of updates that are mixing several fetish categories. Especially if they are not so common,...

footdom pics

Footdom Pics

Footdom pics, can it ever be enough of them? We all know that answer to that questions is one big NO. There is never enough of good feet licking and foot worship stuff. What I am trying to say is that a good footdom pics update doesn’t need a special...

forced foot worship

Forced Foot Worship

Forced foot worship is something that a young student wasn’t familiar with. At least until this moment and a special education class he is attending. You know, at his age, most of the guys are into the regular vanilla stuff. I am talking about things like watching porn online, masturbating on...

petite asian mistress

Petite Asian Dominatrix

I know that many people have a strong fetish for female feet. After so many years being into the world of female domination and compatible fetishes, I am still learning new things. For example, every fetish has its own subcategories and that is nothing new. But what still impresses me...

footdom pantyhose

Footdom Pantyhose Sniffing

Footdom is the abbreviation from a “foot domination”. Strange, but some people were sending e-mails looking for an explanation of this fetish. Frankly, I’ve thought that there is no person not familiar with foot domination.  This is what Wikipedia has to say about foot fetish: Foot fetishism has been defined as...

stockings feet worship

Stockings Feet Licking Femdom

Stockings feet licking need to be deserved. As a slave, you don’t expect that a Mistress will give you to lick and smell her stockings feet just like that? Of course, it won’t and Mistress Nicole is about to learn slave a lesson of stockings feet licking and proper foot...

leather boots worship

Leather Boots Worship

Sometimes the best things are the simplest ones. Especially if they are not staged or planned. You are just looking at one of those unexpected female domination scenes. It is about an ordinary girl that came to her scheduled exam at the gynecologist. She is coming to his ambulance for...

Mistress Heather

Mistress Heather

Mistress Heather strikes once with a classic footdom and foot sniffing humiliation session. She is feeding the addiction that her personal slaves have for her intoxicating foot scent.This is always a pleasure to do especially after a hard day or a long walk. This time is no different and you...

foot domination

Foot Domination

Foot domination is the pretty broad term. Basically, there are different variations in this field but they all have one thing in common and that is to humiliate and hurt a slave with feet. There is also shortened version of this term and it is a combination of two words....

foot fetish incest

Foot Fetish Incest

Foot fetish incest! Wow! Have you ever had a chance to see something like this? I can bet that most of you never ever went so far in your fantasies. But there is the first time for everything, including a kink like foot fetish incest. If you have a pair of...

feet licking

Feet Licking

Feet licking at home. Is there anything better for a girl to relax and satisfy her natural urge for the humiliation of men? Let’s find out in today’s Femdom Destiny foot domination update with gorgeous and sexy amateur domme, Miss Lynn. The first thing that you will notice on the feet...

foot worship

Foot Worship

Foot worship is probably the best way to relax after a hard day. Mistress Victoria Valente knows that very well and she is practicing foot massage frequently. At some point, she decided to prepare a special corner and a chair intended for these foot domination session. What I am talking about...

Naked Feet Worship

Naked feet worship is something thise sexy tall footdom goddess really loves. Feeling of pathetic male being under you and licking your sweaty feet is simply priceless. You will get hygiene and male humiliation at the same time. This time was no different. After a long walk on the sunny...

Yoga Pants Femdom

Sub gets all excited watching blonde girl in tight black yoga pants strip in front of him. His dick became hard in a moment and this is normal reaction to a beautiful woman and this girl know that. Her goal is to manipulate him with her sexuality and to get her...

Mistress Nadia White

Tattooed and almost naked blonde domme Nadia White making two bound studs worship her feet. While both of them are on their knees, she is proudly standing and telling them what is their role. One slave must kiss and worship her ass while another one is about to lick and...

Mistress Tangent On Throne

Mistress in pink thorne sitting and letting two naked male slaves to smell her’s smelly socks before she proceed with brutal and even more humiliating female domination trampling.  

Feet Licking Crossdresser

Tall goddess, Mistress Dava Foxx is training a sissy Crossdresser . First lesson is easy one, slave must learn how to properly suck her toes. LET ME SEE MORE HUMILIATED CROSSDRESSERS

Soles Licking Femdom

Mistress Kelly and goddess Dakota are getting all dolled up to look cute on the club scene. But they can’t head out with dirty soles now can they? So on their way out they get the shoe cleaning sub from the basement and put him to clean making sure their shoes don’t have any...

Nylon Stockings Feet Licking

Dominatrix Annabelle, drinking whiskey and slowly teasing guy that is sitting in front of her. Of course, she have only one goal and that is to show him how her sexiness will make him end on his knees, with her stockings feet inside his mouth.     SEE MORE MISTRESS...

Redhead Mistress Ursula

Mistress Ursula

Redhead dominatrix, Mistress Ursula is sitting on the chair while aggressively is forcing naked slave to suck her toes. CLICK FOR MORE FORCED FOOTDOM

sweaty feet licking

Sweaty Feet Licking

Sweaty feet licking sounds like the win-win situation, for the Mistress and a slave. Why? Because the slave will get a chance to taste stinky female sweat while the Goddess will get a proper feet massage. Is there anything better for the tired feet after a long day than to...

Pedicure Feet Licking

Naked footdom slave graduates from pony boy, and makes it to worshiping his Domme’s pedicured feet. Both tasks are very humiliating, but who gives a fuck as long as mistress is pleased.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE FEET LICKING

socks worship

Socks Worship Fetish

Socks worship is the rare form of the foot domination and foot fetish. Still, it is favorite for many people. If you are one of those socks worship fetish lovers, you are going to love these free femdom photos below.  So what is all about and what is going on...

Mistress Nikki Feet Licking

Handsome femdom goddess, Ms Nikki, dressed in tight and sexy black leather,is forcing slave to lick her sweaty naked feet. CLICK HERE FOR MORE MISTRESSES IN LEATHER

Interracial footdom

Black Footdom Slave

Maybe this girls looks like classic bookworm while sitting on sofa and reading her favorite book but if you take a better look,you will notice that there is a black male slave under her feet that is licking and cleaning her toes while she  is enyoing her book.  Never judge...

Footjob Humiliation

Mea comming back with her friend EL. They both very pretty young, and have really sexy feet. Size 38 and 37 with high arches and sexy toes. At this time Mea teaching EL how to make footjob. They both complaining that their BF has small cock, so is not easy...

Mistress Bella Feet Licking

Experienced footdom mistress Bella, dressed in tight red PVC pants and high heels is using naked guy as personal feet licker servant.     CLICK  FOR MORE FATALE AND DOMINANT FEMALES