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Elise Grave

Elise Grave, genuine CBT dominatrix has her slave in bondage with his hands above his head. She has a special surprise for him. She found some really small vise grips at the hardware store and decided they would be great for his ball sack. But, you should not expect fast action here. Elise Grave video […]


Femdom Elastrator

Femdom elastrator is a very specific device used for brutal castration. This page is made to show you how it looks like in case you are not familiar with this creepy device.  If you are new to this, an elastrator is a device use to castrate animals but it is also used in castration play scenarios. […]


Penis Exam Photos

Penis exam is a first stage of extended cock torture session that strict dominatrix, Mistress Cybill Troy prepared for her slave today. Once she has her slave fixed firmly to her medical bench in a cruel chastity device it is a time to slowly start this humiliating and painful penis exam. Dressed in red latex she torments his […]


Ball Busting

Ball busting can be one of most brutal and painful things that every male can experience. Gorgeous and sexy dominatrix, Mistress Nyxon knows that very wall and today she decided to punish her slave with some harsh domestic femdom ball busting. Reason to do so is the fact that he simply didn’t do what it […]


Ball Torture

Ball torture means that Mistress Vivienne Lamour is about to learn her slave a lesson that he is going to remember for a lifetime. And it is not because of amount of humiliation, but because of pain that he will start to feel in a few moments. Dominatrix prepared special chair just for that purpose. Of […]


Electro Cock Torture

Femdoms Hunter and sexy Mistress Victoria have slave william strapped in and ready to be played with. They tease and play with him, smacking, and paddling him. They then bring out a favorite toy and wire it up to his cock and balls. In that moment and in humiliating position where is he, slave still […]


Wrapped Slave CBT Teasing

Wrapped Slave CBT Teasing seems like something every pathetic slave should experience. This one will remember it for a long time. This session is about total domination and sexual teasing at the same time. Two dark haired femdom bitches are playing game of teasing around immobilized male slave wrapped on plastic. While he is lying […]

brutal-group-ballbusting (6)

Slaves In Queue Waiting To Be Tortured

  Today’s ballbusting update featuring Lady Natalie Black, Mistress Akella, Mistress Carly, Mistress Eleise de Lacy, Mistress Heather is so good that we had to add smal video preview since pictures can’t show how hard these bitches are kicking slave’s genitals. This is real unfair fight because 5 (yes, five) dominant goddesses are torturing one slave […]


Brutal Femdom CBT Hanjob Video

Full length cock and balls torture femdom session that ended with handjob and forced cum that someone will have to drink. Are you guessing who will that be? SHOW ME MORE FEMDOM VIDEOS WITHOUT ANNOYING ADS


Hot Wax Femdom Cock Torture

A man is caught lurking around near Mistress R’eal’s dungeon. They bring him inside and he gets a taste of what he’s been missing. On the verge of bursting to cum, he is secured to the bondage chair, then teased and tormented, before they seal up his leaky cock toy with hot wax. Great amusement […]


Harsh Femdom CBT

Blonde CBT Dominatrix playing with slave’s genitals and performing harsh femdom balls torture. Dominatrix even prepared special tool that will help her to have slave’s genitals always in same place, on front of her! JOIN THE THOUSANDS OF SLAVES WHO HAVE FOUND THIS  SUPERIOR WEBSITE

vivienne-lamour (8)

Vivienne Lamour

  With her slave now bound in a standing position Dominatrix Vivienne Lamour unleashes a brutal flurry of punches and kicks to Her slave’s worthless balls. After the beating he takes he will understand his place forever.   LET ME SEE MORE COCK AND BALLS TORTURE


CBT Slave Screaming

Tied CBT slave screaming in pain while his CBT dominatrix is riding his face and playing with his erected dick.     SHOW ME MORE BRUTAL CBT VIDEOS


Leather Japan Femdom

Two femdom Japanese girlfriends in black leather are working as a team dominating stupid slave with brutal kicks and painful ballbusting.     OK,LET ME SEE MORE LEATHER MISTRESSES


Outdoor Ballbusting Video

Yes, this is another ballbusting flasher movie. But who cares when it has the gorgeous and sexy Natasha Holz in it?! We see a cocky guy indecently expose himself in front of Natasha at a public park and of course she decides to teach him a lesson. It is this lesson that the flasher has […]


Mistress In Boots Stretching Cock

Sexy femdom goddess with natural big tits, dressed in over knee boots and stockings with garter belts, controlling naked slave while pulling out his tied genitals. CLICK FOR MORE HIGH QUALITY FEMDOM


Mistress Cheyenne Ballbusting

Mistress Cheyenne makes her debut by showing off some her wrestling moves, and adds brutal ballbusting to the mix.     CLICK FOR MORE CBT AND BALLBUSTING  


Mistress Anita Divina

Mistress Anita Divina, the ItalianLady have some CBT fun with her dutch slave in a German dungeon. She realy enjoy to punish his cock & balls.   CLICK FOR MORE OF MISTRESS ANITA DIVINA     


Cock Squeezing Punishment

Once he makes a comment to strict Mistress Dahlia about having sex with her, he suddenly realizes he called the wrong woman and that his cock will now become object of her frustration.     CLICK HERE FOR MORE TORTURED COCKS


Ballbusting Audition

Kat, India and Michelle audition a new guy to see if he is worthy of being a Kinky Kicks ballbustee. In favourite KK style all three girls are wearing dangerous looking high heel boots and shoes and use them to place an abundance of hard kicks and stomps into his exposed groin!!!     CLICK […]


Needling Cock Torture

Every Mistress must stay on shape and maintain her cock and balls torture skills, including sexy huntress in latex dress, latex gloves and red stiletto shoes. CLICK FOR MORE COCK AND BALLS TORTURE


Ballbusting POV Preparation

You’re such a pathetic loser. You love being humiliated and dominated by women, don’t you? Yes, you do. You love the feeling of me kicking and stomping on those balls of yours. You have a ballbusting fetish and I love demolishing your testicles. I’ll reach right down and grab your balls, squeeze as hard as […]


Balls Slapping Torture

Hardcore balls slapping by sexy Russian dominatrix. She is slapping slave’s balls until they become blue from her slaps. CLICK FOR MORE BRUTAL CBT GALLERIES


Femdom Balls Kicking

Handsome brunette with blue eyes kicks a cheeky fucker right in the balls for disobeying her. Beside balls kicking, this pathetic slave deserved some brutal cock stretching and faceslapping but only after this sexy Russian femdom goddess end facesitting and domination with her sexy shaped ass. CLICK TO VISIT THIS FEMALE DOMINATION SITE


Brutal Cock And Balls Torture Photos

Enslaved sub is forced to cum on Mistresses’s heels after brutal and painful cock and balls stretching and torture. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS FEMDOM SITE


Femdom Balls Squashing

Mistress O warms up her slave with some flogging, and then ties up his cock and balls. Next Mistress O takes a large cane to his cock and balls and puts a rat trap on his cock. To really scare her slave, Mistress O pulls out a burdizzo castration device and threats to remove his […]


Group Cock and Balls Torture

The Mistresses have the slave pinned down and at their mercy. Of course he is shown none as humiliate him, recording the whole thing. Pulling hard on his balls they aggressively wank his cock and use a vibrator as they try to bring him to an excruciating and degrading orgasm.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE […]


Hot Wax Cock Torture Photos

With his hands tied and face masked , naked male slave is completely helpless which means that Mistress Carly can slowly torture his genitals with candle and hot wax! VISIT MISTRESS CARLY FOR MORE TORTURE


Tough Ballbusting Fun

Tough love? Not exactly. Tough, yes, but there’s no love here. So, you get off on watching girls beat up boys? Ceara & I tag team this poor sap & give him a good working over…features HARD kicks as well as punches, holds and verbal ridicule. You’ll be crying and messing your panties by the […]


Ballbusting In Kitchen

Jessica comes back to see the ktichen a mess and the washing hasn’t been hung out. Her boyfriend was meant to clean everything and she’s not impressed as they were meant to be going out. So she grabs him and pulls him in front of the cooker and swiftly kicks him in the balls. She […]

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