Face Trampling

Barefoot trample is the favorite femdom torture method for a Mistress Melissa. She is a young Domme and as every naturally dominant woman, she is always looking for new methods and experiences. Recently, Miss Melissa figured out that it already happened few times that she wanted to humiliate her slave but she was missing proper tools. This is incredibly irritating feeling which makes a Mistress even more mad to a slave. So there must be a solution, right? 

Bare feet trampling and jumping sounds like the perfect way to express and release all that frustration. The best part is that she doesn’t need a single tool to do it, yet, a slave will suffer big time. Just her beautiful legs and all her weight will be enough. What Mistress Melissa loves to do and you will see that on her personal site, is to tell a slave what is going to happen. She knows that this is a good way to make him scared and prepare him and his body at the same time. No one wants that a slave knocks out in the middle of a trampling session, right? And believe me, that is happening all the time. Especially when a Mistress is trampling face and chest at the same time. 

At some point, Miss Melissa starts trampling this wimp under her sexy bare feet. She tramples him all over his body and face and even stands on his ugly face with both feet, nearly crushing his nose. In the end, Mistress also jumps from the chair on his body and back! You can only imagine how the guy was screaming once she started doing that. Knowing what is going to happen, Mistress used basic BDSM technique of hands tying. This way, he can’t defend himself and he totally depends on Mistress’s mercy!

Barefoot trample humiliation:

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Face Trampling
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