Balls Squeezing

Balls squeezing that a slave is experiencing is painful but what he don’t know in this moment is that things are going to become even worse. While balls are pressured and stretched in various directions, the only thing that is going through his mind is that this has to stop somehow. And it will, but only once two young goddesses decide to go further with this CBT torture femdom session

But let’s get back to the beginning of this balls torture video. It is something I call amateur femdom style. Amateur sounds weak but which doesn’t mean it is not good or effective. It is about two girls who love to play cruel games with slaves and their genitals. The short haired girl has leather boots and sexy red stockings, while another one is wearing hot leather over knee boots. Just enough to make any man horny from just looking at their handsome bodies. While they are abusing slave, he is moaning in pain. It is not clear what he is trying to say because there is a leather mask over his ugly face. But who cares? This balls squeezing video is taken from the member zone of Ballbusting Pleasures website that contains many similar femdom CBT videos. Anway, as usually, I would like to share two more great femdom CBT  updates. First one is about group ballbusting session where 5 hot dommes are waiting to kick his balls, one by one. The second one is more like one one one. You will see cruel femdom goddess in black stockings, kinky Dominatrix Cheyenne squeezing slave’s balls. Enjoy it!

Balls squeezing video

Balls Squeezing
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