Ball Torture

ball torture

Ball torture means that Mistress Vivienne Lamour is about to learn her slave a lesson that he is going to remember for a lifetime. And it is not because of the amount of humiliation, but because of pain that he will start to feel in a few moments. Dominatrix prepared special chair just for that purpose. Of course, she is not using it for the first time but this is the first time for a slave. While he is sitting masked and with his neck tied, gorgeous and sexy domme is preparing long stick. The slave was wondering what is she going to do with it and it won’t take long before he gets his answer. Dominatrix tied slave’s genital before she started this ball torture session. She fixed them in such position that they are always reachable with the top of the stick. She knows very well how this is important. Slave’s most sensitive body parts must be always available and at her disposal.

Mistress Vivienne Lamour is a genuine dominatrix and she knows that during this session she must look very sexy. Having slave’s cock trying to erect is one of the critical things that have to be done. That is exactly why she is in things and tan stockings with beautiful garter belts.  She knows very well how this type of lingerie affects on her horny slaves. What she also knows very well is that sometimes slave can’t see her curvy body while because she must be very close to him and his balls. Because of that, this ball torture session wouldn’t be complete without a huge mirror. There, the pathetic slave can see her easily while she is playing a cruel game with his balls. Experienced dominatrix like Mistress Vivienne didn’t forget to spit in slave’s mouth from time to time, just enough to make him feel even more stupid.



Ball Torture
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