Ass Licking Humiliation

Ass licking comes handy when a Mistress wants to have some fun and get the pleasant anal massage at the same time. Even if it is not violent or brutal, this femdom humiliation method is favorized by many dommes. Mostly because it doesn’t take an effort to get it and it can be done anywhere without a problem. The only thing that a dominatrix need is a slave, of course. On the photos below, you are about to see how good domestic ass licking should be done.

As mentioned above, the top priority is to obtain a slave. It doesn’t matter what type of slave that is or is it female or a male as long as the ass is properly licked and a Mistress served. To ensure a flawless ass domination session, Domina tied a slave with a duck tape. She placed him into the position where she will be most comfortable and where she will get the most form the ass licking slave. Once he is there, it is not a waste to humiliate him even more. She took off her sexy thongs and placed them on his stupid head. While the slave is struggling to please his Goddess and ensure exist from all this, blonde Mistress is having a great time. Not that she is enjoying slave’s tongue inside her ass, but she is pleasing herself with her favorite cookies. At first, she wasn’t satisfied with the slave’s rimjob but there is always a correction method. After pulling his hair and pointing on the most sensitive place or her asshole, tied sub finally started doing his job properly in a way Mistress is expecting from him. That immediately resulted with the smile on his Domme’s face which means that he is going into the good direction. From that moment, it is up to his licking skills how long the humiliation will last. More licking and better results, it will short. On the other side, being slow and without a motivation can even result in Mistress becoming violent!

Ass licking slave

BDSM femdom slave Mistress Enjoying Ass Worship forced fem dom ass licking

Ass Licking Humiliation
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