Arena Rome

Arena Rome has been having fun punishing her slave. Caning, ballbusting, whipping and some usual stuff that you can find inside Club Dom femdom dungeon. But after so much effort with a slave training, it is natural that a Mistress wants to end a session being completely satisfied. Is there a bigger pleasure for a Mistress to get an orgasm from a humiliated slave?

Mistress Arena Rome is well equipped for that goal. She ordered a slave to get down on his knees. Once he is there, he was introduced to her favorite tool and that is a black femdom chindo. It seems that slave is confused with this. Naturally stupid, exhausted from previous female domination torture, he will need some instructions how to properly please his Mistress. That is what you are about to see in the femdom face fucking video preview here.

Mistress spread her legs and showed him his object of desire. Her wet pussy is so close to him but so far away and unreachable at the same time. Before getting into the action, dominatrix teased him for a while. She is touching herself and gently rubbing her pussy. Sexual tension is in the air and she is raising it with her sexy voice. I think the slave should be honored that he managed to get this close to her pussy. This is the closest that he will ever be to a real dominatrix. After some verbal teasing, she grabs the back of his head to help him fuck her pussy. To see how slave performed, check out the face fucking video below. 

Arena Rome face fucking:

Arena Rome
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